COVID Pre-Surgical Testing

COVID Testing.jpg

All patients undergoing any type of surgical or laser procedure at our Specialty Surgery Center MUST have a negative COVID test five days prior to their procedure.    This is a New York State law and is a necessity

Since testing centers for COVID are increasingly delayed  and backed up with patients,  it is important that you plan accordingly.   You should get online and make an appointment ahead of time.   Also,  try to get your tests early in the morning to allow them to be processed in time.  

LOCATIONS for Testing (click on links for appointments):

  1. WELLNOW Outpatient Clinics.  Multiple local clinics offer daily COVID tests.    Appointments are required.  Go online to book ahead. 

  2. UPSTATE Testing Center -    Drive In COVID test at the NYS Fairgrounds   Appointments are required.  Go online to book ahead.   Closed on Sundays.  You do not need to be an Upstate patient or have already set up MYCHART.  

  3.  Syracuse Community Health Clinic   819 South Salina Street, Syracuse.   Not available on weekends.  Call ahead at 315-476-7921.  Closed for lunch hours.  

  4. ONCENTER Testing - 800 South State Street.   Appointments are required online.   Open 7 days a week.  Done through Onondaga County.  



Monday Surgery:   Get tested the Wednesday before

Tuesday Surgery:   Get tested the Thursday before

Thursday Surgery:  Get tested the Saturday before