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Dry Eye

decreasing tear production

If the tear film decreases it can cause discomfort, burning, blurring and redness to the eyes.  People affected include those with: 

  • peri or post-menopausal changes

  • auto-immune conditions

  • dry mouth

  • diuretic and anti-histamine usage

  • blepharitis

  • advanced aging



Try to avoid direct wind, sun, fans, car vents pointed at your eyes.  Also limit decongestant medication.  Use a humidifier if possible. 


Punctal Plugs

Small silicone plugs can be easily inserted into the drainage canal of the lids,  allowing you to keep your own tears from leaving the eye surface.  No surgery is necessary. 

Punctal Plugs - Copy.PNG

Artificial Tears

Artificial tears contain a combination of soothing saline and oils to help lubricate and protect the cornea.  Use them liberally whenever your eyes are burning.  At bedtime consider gel formulations.  

Artificial tears - Copy.PNG


Medications like Restasis and Xiidra can promote reactivation of the lacrimal glands when used regularly.   This is very effective particularly with more advanced dry eye sufferers.  

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