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A cataract is a haze or opacity that clouds the lens of the eye.   Cataracts are of the most frequent causes of poor vision and often start with difficulty seeing details and glare at night.   Fortunately,  modern cataract surgery can greatly improve vision by removing the cataractous lens and replacing it with a clear implant.


Cataract surgery involves removing the cloudy lens of the eye with a small ultrasonic vacuum probe and replacing it with a clear intraocular lens.  The procedure is done using a high power microscope while you are under a light sedation.

Dr. Safran has performed thousands of cataract surgeries in his career.   While no surgery is 100% is safe and effective,  modern cataract surgery helps large numbers of people achieve their best vision.  We will talk to each patient personally in our office and all your questions can be answered. 

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