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Premium IOL's: Vivity and Panoptix

Premium IOL's deliver the most enhanced and innovative optics for intraocular lens design.   We utilize two different types of Premium implants:  Vivity and Panoptix.   Each implant is capable of correcting for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.   Also,  both can provide patients with the ability to see distance and near.   But their styles and designs have slightly different considerations for each patient.  

The Vivity IOL is a new innovative lens for clear distance ,  sharp arm's length and functional near vision.  This should allow patients to see far away,  look at computer screens, see the mirror, look at a cell phone, use a camera, cook, do hobbies - without relying on glasses.  While patients may have some unaided reading,  it does not give close up dedicated reading vision for books and magazines.  It has a smooth surface design that reduces nighttime glare and distortion.   


The Panoptix IOL uses a series of variable focus rings in the implant.  Like a trifocal,  the Panoptix provides sharp vision correction at distance, intermediate and close up reading vision.   It allows patients to have better see the finer print of books and magazines.  Due to the focal rings,  the Panoptix may cause  glare from car headlights at night.   It's multifocal design also means that patients with any eye other problems should not use this implant.    


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