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On Your Day of Surgery

things to know when undergoing cataract surgery

Specialty Surgery Center   


Our procedures are done at the Specialty Surgery Center.  It is the area's premier site for eye surgery and is located at 225 Greenfield Parkway in Liverpool (off Buckley Road and 1/4 mile north of Destiny Mall).  

You cannot drive yourself for cataract surgery due to the anesthesia you will receive.  You must have someone accompany you home to insure that you are okay afterwards. 

Food and Drink: 

If you have a morning surgery between 7:30 and noon,  stop any food or drink after midnight the night before. 


If you have an afternoon surgery from noon to 4 PM,  stop any food or drink after 6AM that morning.  

Failure to follow these rules will lead to a cancellation of your procedure.  


You should expect to be at the Specialty Surgery Center up to four hours.   This includes check in,  dilation,  the surgery and recovery. Overall,  the center will make you comfortable and relaxed.  

The Experience

The typical cataract procedure itself  takes less than 20 minutes to perform.  During the procedure you will be relaxed with a light sedation and the eye will be numb.  You may feel some pressure but you shouldn't be uncomfortable.  Your eye will not need to be patched afterward. 


It is important to take it easy the first day as you will have had surgery and sedation.   


While every patient is different,  vision may be initially blurry -- so don't be alarmed.   Vision should get gradually clearer within a few days.   


Most patients are comfortable but others have minor scratchiness or discomfort.  There shouldn't be excessive pain.  

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