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advanced coatings for lenses

The most common problem with lenses has been with  their coatings.  Older technology coatings were notorious for peeling, cracking, scratching and giving an uneven purplish haze.   This has changed with the advent of Crizal.   Crizal employs a 9 layer coating with advanced minerals and chemicals to protect your lenses - guaranteed for up to two years.  

Crizal a1.PNG

Benefits of Crizal 

  • Anti-glare  -Crizal lenses offer superior clarity by reducing nighttime glare from headlights, taillights and streetlights for safer viewing.  They are also unsurpassed for fighting reflections that can cause eye fatigure.  

  • Scratch-resistance - Crizal's anti-scratch technology offers you the best in scratch residtance,  providing you with clear, crisp lenses that stand up to life's normal wear and tear. 

  • Cleanability - Crizal lenses have a superior anti-slippery surface,  providing benefits against smudges, water and fingerprints.  In addtion,  anti-static technology limits dust and dirt from sticking to the lenses. 

Crizal 9 step.PNG
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